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Three Powerful Systems in One Platform

OrangeApps is the solution to all your needs


School Information System


Learning Management System


Enterprise Resource Planning

Key features at a Glance

Students can now enroll online using their phones or laptops. Easily manageable, anytime, anywhere.

You can now manage all the information of your students and employees through our admin dashboard. History is not lost.

Schools will now be able to manage its courses and curriculum by using our simple dashboard. Customizable system based on any schools needs.

Schools will now be able to manage their HR & Payroll obligations using our platform.

Students and teachers will have the ability to collaborate online with the power of our online learning feature. The educational community can now create, share, and assess content/resources at home using this OrangeApps feature.

Schools will be able to manage all the finances from tuition fees, payment methods/terms, outstanding balances, etc. An easy open-ended system that is customizable and easy to use.

Track metrics, analyze data, predict the future.

Safe, Secure, Invisible, but everywhere.

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